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CONSTITUTION of State Civil Service Officers Federation - Maharashtra

Article: 1: Name, Location, Aims & Objects:-

1.1 The name of the federation shall be “Maharashtra State Civil Service Officers Federation” and the term ‘Federation’ referred hereinafter shall represent the aforesaid Federation. The member Associations affiliated to the Federation shall hereinafter be referred to as ‘Constituents’ and the word ‘Article’ shall refer to the Article of the Constitution.
1.2 The permanent headquarter of the Federation shall be in Mumbai.
1.3 The aims and objects of the federation shall be :-
a) To organize the State Civil Service Officers in the state of Maharashtra
and their constituents in order to co-ordinate the activities and the relations of officers with the State Government.
b) To promote and safeguard interests of all the State Civil Service Officers.
c) To redress the grievances of the State Civil Service Officers before various authorities in the State Government.
d) To promote sense of fraternity and feeling of brotherhood amongst its constituents.
e) To provide a common platform for State Civil Service Officers to meet, discuss and co-ordinate their activities in order to increase their efficiency and thereby give better service to the Society.
f) To co-operate with recognized associations / federations/ confederations of Civil Service Officers of Central and other State Governments with similar interests in India.
g) To carry out welfare activities for State Civil Service Officers.
h) To inculcate sense of selflessness and dedication amongst the officers to create positive, transparent and public oriented administration.

Article: 2: Membership, Admission, Removal, Registration etc.:-

2.1 Any recognized Association of State Civil Service Officers in the State
and any such Association which has applied for Government recognition and is eligible for recognition, shall be entitled for membership of the federation, and shall be entitled for membership of the federation and shall be called as a constituent on admission.
a) Admission fee of Rs. 100/- per every State Civil Service Officer of
that Constituent shall accompany the application for affiliation of the Federation, by a constituent.
b) The annual subscription i.e. affiliation fee payable by each of the Associations / Unions shall be as under :-
Sr. No. Strength of Membership Annual Affiliation fee
1 Up to 200 Rs. 2000/-
2 201 to 500 Rs. 5000/-
3 Above 500 Rs.10000/-

This affiliation fee shall be payable within one month from the date of affiliation and subsequently before 31st March every year.
2.3 a) Every constituent eligible for membership as per article 2.1 and desirous
of joining the federation shall apply to the President of the Federation
alongwith the affiliation fee.
b) On receipt of the application, the constituent shall be admitted to the Federation by the President with the approval of the Managing Committee.
2.4 Membership of the constituent shall commence from the date, it is informed of its admission to the Federation by the President.
2.5 A constituent Association shall cease to be so, if it fails to pay the subscriptions within three months from the due date.
2.6 A constituent may withdraw its membership by a written communication to the President who shall place it before the Managing Committee. The Managing Committee may accept the withdrawal after verifying that all the dues are paid.
2.7 A constituent shall cease to be so for such a period as the General Council may decide if the opinion is taken by 80% of the members present at the General Council Meeting.
2.8 A constituent ceasing to be so under section 2.7 shall be treated as a new entrant with the approval of the General Council, if it desires to join the Federation again.
2.9 The General Secretary shall maintain up-to-date register of all the constituents of the Federation showing the names and addresses of the Presidents and Secretaries and their permanent delegates of representatives on the General Council and Managing Committee. A copy of this shall be supplied on request to the constituents of the Federation.

Article: 3: Financial year, Funds & Accounts:-

3.1 The Financial Year shall be from 1st April to 31st March.
3.2 Funds of the Federation shall consists of admission fees, subscription, donations from the constituents, grants made by Government or constituents, returns from advertisements published in reports, souvenirs and any funds raised from similar sources by the Managing Committee.
3.3 The Managing Committee shall have full powers as regards the expenditure of the Federation. The funds shall be spent to achieve the objects mentioned in Article 1.3 of this Constitution, Subject to any condition contained in the notification, any other object notified by the appropriate Government in the official Gazette.
3.4 The General Secretary may retain on hand, cash not exceeding Rs. 5000/- for petty expenses. He may give Imprest to the Joint Secretaries to the extent of Rs. 1,000/- each at a time which shall be reimbursed, if required only on receipt of vouchers and imprest account.
3.5 The Treasurer shall maintain accounts of the Federation. He shall receive the funds and deposit them in the Bank approved by the Managing Committee, keep accounts of the receipts and expenditure. The President, General Secretary and the Treasurer (any two of them at time) shall operate Bank account of the Federation.
3.6 The Managing Committee shall appoint a competent auditor who shall not be an office bearer of the Federation. The auditor shall examine the annual accounts of the Federation as maintained by the Treasurer and shall forward the annual audit report to the General Secretary for incorporating it in the Annual Report to be presented to the General Council.
3.7 The books of accounts of the Federations shall be open to the inspection of any constitution or officer at the head office of the Federation during the hours during the hours during which the office of Federation is open on any week day excluding holidays.

Article: 4: General Council & The Managing Committee:-

4.1 The General Council shall be the supreme body of the federation and shall consist of all Managing Committee Members as per Article 4.2 including office bearers of the Federation, Managing Committees of all affiliated Associations / Unions and also the Presidents, Working Presidents, General Secretaries and Treasurers of all the District Co-ordination Committees and Divisional level committees
4.2 The Management of the Federation shall vest in the Managing Committee constituting of –
i President 1 -
ii Executive President 1 -
iii Vice President 1 each from every Revenue Division (2 ladies)
iv General Secretary 1 -
v Joint Secretaries 1 each from every Revenue Division (2 ladies)
vi Treasurer 1 -
vii Member representing Constituents 2 each from every affiliated Constituent.

4.3 Divisional Committee at each Revenue Division shall be constituted on the lines of the state Federation. However, it shall have seven members, viz; President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and three members.
4.4 On the lines of the State Federation, District Co-ordination Committees of the Federation shall be constituted consisting of office bearers and Managing Committees and these Units shall function on the lines of State Federation.
4.5 All the above posts are honorary and non-remunerative. However, the General Council shall have power to sanction honourarium to such office bearers as deemed necessary. The Managing Committee shall have power to sanction honourarium to such office bearers or Managing Committee members as deemed necessary.
4.6 The president or in his absence Executive President or any of the Vice Presidents or any of the members of the Council shall preside over the annual and other meetings of the General Council /Meetings of the Managing Committee.
4.7 The General Secretary shall act under the direction of the General Council and on the advice of the Managing Committee. He shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Federation. He shall receive and dispose of all the correspondence, shall attend as far as possible all the meetings of the Managing Committee and the meetings of the General Council and shall keep minutes of the meetings. He shall prepare annual report including audited accounts for presenting the same to the General Council Meeting. The Joint Secretaries and the Treasurer shall help the General Secretary in his duties. The General Secretary shall have power to engage in consultation with the president and subject to the approval of managing committee any assistance for organizing and clerical purpose, he considers necessary and all such assistance shall be under the control of the General Secretary.
The General Secretary shall implement all resolutions of the Managing Committee and General Council.
4.8. The Managing Committee shall have Powers to:
i) Frame rules and regulations for its working in accordance with principles and policies that may be decided at the annual session of the General Council.
ii) Manage and control the business of the Federation.
iii) Consider affiliation of the new constituents desirous of joining the Federation.
iv) See that Rules and Regulations of the Federation are properly implemented.
v) Consider the annual report and audited statements and submit the same to the General Council at the annual session.

Artcle: 5: Elections:-

5.1 President, Executive President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint Secretaries, the Treasurer shall be elected by the General Council, from amongst its members. The Internal Auditor shall be nominated by the General Council in its annual meeting.
5.2 The tenure of office of the elected members shall be of five years. They shall, however, continue to look after their duties until such time as the new office bearers are elected.
5.3 Any vacancy amongst the office bearers may be filled by co-option by the Managing Committee.
5.4 Elections of all the office bearers shall be held once in five years.
5.5 Elections to the various posts shall be conducted by Secret Ballot. The Managing Committee shall have powers to appoint Election Officer and such other personnel for conducting elections. The Election Officer shall adopt such administrative and procedural measures as necessary for smooth the and fair conduct of election.
5.6 No Constituent shall have the right to propose name of any member for any of the posts of office bearer of member of Managing Committee of the Federation, unless the said constituent has paid the prescribed affiliation fee within stipulated time limit.

Article: 6: Meetings:

6.1 The General Council shall ordinarily meet once in a year.
6.2 The Annual General Council meetings and its session shall be called by the General Secretary giving at least 15 days notice.
6.3 Annual General Council meeting of the Federation shall interalia, consider the following business:-
i) To receive and consider Annual Report on working of the Federation along with audited statements of accounts.
ii) To consider resolutions or amendments received by the General Secretary. For putting up resolution, notice of at least seven days is necessary.
iii) Election of office bearers and members of the Managing Committee of the Federation.
iv) Any other business with permission of the chair.
6.4 The Managing Committee shall meet as frequently as required and at least once in three months.
6.5 The General Secretary shall in consultation with the President, convene the meeting of the Managing Committee. A Notice of such meeting shall be given to the members of the Managing Committee at least 7 days in advance of the date of the meeting and shall contain the agenda to be discussed at the meeting.
6.6 The President or General Secretary may at his own initiative or he and / or the General Secretary shall on requisition in writing from at least 1/3rd of the constituent members call a Special general Meeting of the General Council after giving a notice of at least 15 days and within 4 weeks of the receipt of such requisition.
6.7 The quorum for the Annual or Extra-ordinary Session of the General Council shall be 1/3rd of the total number of members of the General council. In the absence of quorum, the meetings shall be adjourned for an hour and shall be held at the same place as a regular meeting. For adjourned meeting no quorum is necessary.
6.8 The quorum for the Managing Committee shall be seven members of the Managing Committee.
6.9 No Quorum is necessary for an adjourned meeting of Managing Committee which will be held as directed by the President.
6.10 The expenditure to attend meeting, of the General Council and / or Managing Committee shall be borned by the constituents.
6.11 On matters of urgency and importance the General Secretary may ascertain views of the General Council and constituents in such suitable manner as deemed necessary in consultation with the President and other office bearers of the Federation.

Article: 7: Changes in the Constitution:-

7.1 No amendment in the constitution shall be made except by the General Council with a 2/3rds majority of the members present and subject to the approval of the Government. Any amendment to the constitution shall be considered by the General Council only if due notice of at least 15 days is given before the date of its meeting.
7.2 Vote of no confidence against any of the office bearers can be passed by the General Council in the same manner as a constitutional amendment. The office bearer shall cease to hold his office on passage of such a vote.

Article: 8: General:

8.1 All Property of the federation shall vest in the Federation in its corporate character and shall be held by the Managing Committee of the Federation as Trustee.
8.2 The Federation shall not be dissolved except by a majority vote of 2/3rds members of the General Council present in the meeting convened specifically for the purpose of dissolution.

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